Series Order

Each WolfLady story can be read by itself, in any order. However, many like to read a series in the order written. And you can more easily see how Sara Flores grows and thrives by doing so.

The WolfLady stories — in Chronological Order

The origin story — how Sara Flores became a werewolf. (Short Story)
Sara’s first 2 adventures. [1 of these is available free if you sign up for the blog!]
Sara takes on a Texas sheriff to find the truth for a family. (Short story)
When the river spits out a half-dead boy into her back yard, Sara Flores will need all her courage and werewolf strength to save both their lives from the man trying to kill him. (Short Story)
A hacker stumbles upon a murder. Can Sara rescue him before they get him? (Novella)
Sara goes crazy at a zoo — and risks everything.
(Short Story)
Sara’s found a Lupiti priest who can talk to dead men — she wants answers from the man who turned her. What could possibly go wrong with this idea?
(short story)
This collection includes all the 7 short stories from above as well as the Curiosity Kills novella. It has Sara’s first 8 adventures as a Newbie Werewolf.
Sara tries to rescue a boy and close down a baby-selling operation. (Novella)
Who would you kill to save humanity? Sara must decide in this mystery with a dash of time travel.(Novella)
As a newly licensed P.I., Sara has no idea just how big a stink she’s sticking her nose into. But she’s about to find out. (Novella)