The WolfLady stories — in Chronological Order

Each WolfLady story can be read by itself, in any order.
However, you may prefer to read a series in the order written, so you can see how Sara Flores changes over time.

Sara Flores’ 1st Year Adventures

Nobody believes werewolves exist. Neither did Sara Flores until her Lupiti neighbor turned her. He then had the unmitigated gall to die on her, before telling her anything about what to expect.

Sara determines to use her new skills for good. But besides saving innocents, what exactly does that mean? Yes, she can track down bullies and evildoers. But, for example, is it okay to kill them? If so, is it okay to eat them? How about if she’s really, really hungry? Is it okay to walk down dark alleys hoping some bully is dumb enough to target her? 

Most of all, can she keep going up against hideous evil — without leaving behind a piece of her soul?

The following 8 stories are included in NEWBIE WEREWOLF (above)

Sara Flores’ 2nd Year Adventures

Payback is a bitch!
Rescuing those in need isn’t all Sara Flores likes about her new life as a werewolf. Who knew it would be so much fun terrorizing evildoers? Abusers. Murders for hire. Rich men building their fortunes on the pain of innocents. The looks on their faces when they discover they’re not invincible — it just warms a girl’s heart.
But Sara may have bit off more than she can chew. In this boxed set of three novellas, she runs right into a multi-state baby mill, a sex trafficking ring with police protection, and an assassin. Sara’s just one woman — but she has surprise on her side. Because nobody believes in werewolves. At least, nobody alive does.

The following 3 novellas are included in Werewolf Vigilante (above).
(Publication Date November 8, 2022 – available here for preorder)