About Sue Denver

Hi there! You’re probably at this site because you love wolves — just like me. My name is Sue Denver and I’m obsessed with wolves. I read about them, photograph them and even create wolf-themed jewelry. And I fantasize about what life would be like if I could actually transform into a wolf.

I’ve turned those fantasies into the WolfLady series of short stories and novellas. Now you, too, can imagine what YOUR life would be like if a Lupiti shaman turned you into a werewolf and then died on you. What the heck would YOU do?

Join the fun (and the terror!) as 30-something Sara Flores finds herself in one big adventure after another. Where life (and death) can be decided in an instant. Join her in saving the innocent. And biting the throat out of evil doers.

Here’s a little story about a wolf I met years ago who “transformed” me into a wolf lover.

Wolf Jewelry

I’m designing a line of jewelry featuring wolves. It’s jewelry I’d love for myself, so I suspect there are others who will love it too. The first pieces are finally completed (see “Jewelry” tab) or go to wolf-jewelry.net. Note: I will be donating 5% of all jewelry sales to the Wolf Sanctuary of PA (see more on it below).

Werewolf Stories

Are you interested in stories about a woman — Sara Flores — who was turned by a Lupiti shaman into a werewolf? Sara uses her new skills to help those in need and to beat the crap out of those trying to hurt innocents.

I’ve written seven short stories about her — all (plus one novella) collected in Newbie Werewolf — which was released in August 2022.

For her adventures AFTER the stories in Newbie Werewolf, there are three additional novellas. You can see them all by clicking the “Werewolf Stories” tab above. You can always see the latest books at SueDenver.com or WolfLady.net.

Help for Wolf Sanctuaries

If you want to provide real help to real wolves, I strongly recommend the Wolf Sanctuary of PA. Use this link to check out their website. Their wolves are in pens of 2-4 acres — with anywhere from one to five wolves in a pen. They only pair wolves who like each other(!) (How do they know? They place two wolves they think might get along in adjacent pens and let them get to know each other — if they want to. If so, they can end up living together.)

I’ll be contributing 5% of all sales of jewelry to this organization. I’ve visited them, taking the extended tour, and want to help as much as possible. They have a lot of wolves — which costs them a lot of money. And due to COVID, money from visitors has been way down in 2020-2021. So if you can help — you’ll know it’s for a good organization doing good work.

Adopt a wolf! One of their programs I especially like is you can “adopt” a wolf. For just $55, you’ll get an adoption certificate, a great 4×6 photo of your new family member — and more goodies with which to amaze your friends(!)